We are beyond excited for you to tell us about your dreams, and cannot wait to hear your story! Our first consultation is free of charge and a non binding meeting. It's simply nothing but to get an impression of one another. It is needed for us to be able to give you a price offer, and also the perfect first step of your journey! 


For couples living in other parts in Sweden than Stockholm, or abroad, we are happy to be able to arrange digital meetings.

Contact us today and let's have a coffee!



Coordination on the Actual Wedding Day


Our Wedding Coordination Package includes everything you need to be able to fully relax and enjoy every minute of your actual wedding day. 

Our teams' main task during your wedding day will be to ensure that everyone follows the running schedule and to engage all elements to match perfectly together.


We will thoughtfully plan and organise every part of the day to turn out as expected. For possible critical risks, we will make sure everyone is prepared and ready for plan B. 

We will have everything arranged for you and include all the details. Our team will collaborate with everyone involved and make sure that everyone is on the same page. 


Your focus will be to drink champagne, laugh, smile to the camera and celebrate with your loves ones!

Price quotation on request


Make Your Wedding Feel like Yours

The Wedding Design Package is all about making your wedding feel like the two of you. We will take a look at the potentials of your visual wishes and make sure we achieve a unique WOW-factor, and most certainly 

- a personal touch. 

The package covers everything you will need in order to clarify your vision, define your style and make it work practically. We are aiming at surprising your guests' all senses and make your wedding a day to remember forever.


We will work on the visions you already have, and inspire you along the way to create a memorable experience. The journey to the goal should be as fun as the actual wedding day and we cannot wait to let the creativity flow together with you!

Take your wedding to the next level and make it yours. How would you like to remember your big day?


Price quotation on request



Full Wedding Planning, Coordinating & Styling

Our Wedding Planning Package is the ultimate combination of putting attention to planning the logistics and allowing the creativity to take place. This is an opportunity for you to get the wedding you always dreamed of in the most joyful way.

Allow us to present a concept solution that will be tailored to the tiniest details to suit you and your wedding perfectly. We are here for you from the start and will work for nothing less than to overtop your expectations. 

No wedding is too small or too big. Our planning package gives you the opportunity to avoid the negative stress that comes with handling the planning process by yourselves.

Put your focus on what you want to remember in 20 years from now, and allow yourselves to enjoy not only the day, but also the journey. And most certainly - each other!

Price quotation on request


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