+ How does it work?

Step by step: 

1. Get engaged - 2. Get in touch - 3. Get things done - 4. Get married!

We are offering all our couples a first consultation meeting free of charge, to get an impression of one another. 


The first consultation is necessary for us to be able to give you a price offer. Get in touch with us here

+ When is the right time to get in touch?

Normally our clients get in touch with us 

12-18 months before their planned date. But the sooner - the better.


Send us a request here to book a consultation, free of charge, and we will work from there. Your email will get responded within 24 hours. 

+ We are on a tight budget. What would you recommend us to prioritisee in our total budget? 

The best wedding photographer you can afford! We are absolutely sure you will thank yourself for booking an established wedding photographer who will be able to capture your big day in the best possible way. Book the best one you can find - even though it is only for a few hours! 

+ We have heard contracting a wedding planner is expensive. 

A great wedding planner will make sure your total wedding costs turn out lower than they would if your didn't book one. 


A good wedding planner knows how to prioritise, how to handle the big costs and what to skip! You can think about it like hiring an interior designer to your home - they will make the smallest details make a huge difference in the most effective way!


+ Why should we choose Lerin Wedding Occasions?

1. We have the contacts you need. You will be recommended the, hands down, best wedding suppliers and creators this country (read Europe), has to offer.


2. We got you covered. The risky moments of your day will always be thoughtfully planned with a plan B (and C, and D, and...). You will get solutions from a professional and experienced perspective from day one.

3. We will handle the boring parts. You will save money! Your total budget will be effectivly disposed. You will have someone who will ensure you are right on track financially along the way!

4. We will give you an experience. You will be satisfied with a feeling. We are always keeping the styling and design in mind, as one of the most essential parts of the whole wedding. Our intention is always to surprise all your guests' senses and make your wedding feel like nothing but an adventure. 

+ What is the main reason we should consider contracting a wedding planner?

The main reason you should consider contracting a planner is simply because you will get the wedding you always wanted - in the most effective and joyful way. 


If you are lacking ideas - we will inspire you to find your style. If you know exactly what you are going for - we will guide you through the process in how to get there. 


We will make sure everything gets done in the right time, recommend you the very best suppliers and make sure you stick to the budget along the way. We will answer your questions and help you make your wedding feel like you

+ What are we basing our prices on?

We are only working with fixed prises and our charging is a preconcerted agreement from the start. 


Contact us today here for a free consultation and allow us to tell you more. 

+ We are planning on getting married abroad, will you approve destination wedding requests?

Of course, it will be our pleasure! Contact us today for a free consultation here.


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